Thursday, September 10, 2009

Langley, Poulsbo Gig Harbor, and Home to Olympia

Sep 7... We motor sail into southerly winds all the way home. Lots of friends to meet us and it is great to see all of our wonderful Swantown community again. What a great group of people! It's been a wonderful and a bit of an exciting trip, and we are truely richer for it. I'm bushed.

Sep 6... After birthday dinner at Shari's favorite Mexican restaurant in Gig Harbor, we celebrate with some pinot gris and cake.
Sep 6... Happy Birthday Shari! Breakfast and hugs in bed.

Sep 5... We are delayed leaving the docks at Poulsbo due to 25 knot winds and the narrow exit from the marina. We finally get off with a lot of precautionary help from new friends on the dock. We had planned to fill our fuel tanks in Poulsbo, but, with the wind so strong, and the fuel dock in a tight spot, we decide to purchase fuel another day.
We end up motor-sailing to help make progress into these strong southerly winds. As we approach the west end of Blake Island, our motor suddenly quits. Wonderful. Shari continues to sail the boat while I go through the familiar routine of troubleshooting the engine. Of course, the problem turned out to be a fuel inake venting air into the line. We were healing over so much that the 50 remaining gallons in the tank we were operating off of, shifted over in the fuel tank far enough to allow air to be sucked into the fuel line... Diesels don't like that. I bled the system of air in about 5 minutes (I'm getting really good at this) and switched to the fuller tank and we had no more problems.
We anchor in Gig Harbor and relax.

Sep 3-5... We moor at Poulsbo Yacht Club reciprical dock. Great facilities and just a few blocks from cute nordic town.

Sep 1-3... We motor out of Swinomish Channel and go to Langley on Whidbey Island. Another beautiful, friendly, artsy town.



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