Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wallace Island

Aug 17... Annie and Sydney are becoming very useful crew members.
Aug 17... Of course, since we had a loss of one family member(Tabor), and the addition of another (Salty), we had to edit our previous edition.
Aug 17... We have to stop by the old resort lounge to check on the memento that we left last year.
Aug 17... Shari adds to her painting journal with a little help.
Aug 17... Salty decided to swim to close-by islets to do some exploring.

Aug 17... Hiked to Chiver's Pass. Had picnic on the rocks, visited with kayakers.

Aug 16... Princess Cove always has spectacular sunsets.

Aug 16... The beaches here are great for exploring, with lots of tide pools and sea life.

Aug 16... We crossed the Straits of Georgia with 20-25 knots of wind and had a great sail, however the beam seas had some of the crew feeling nauseous for a short time, but they shook it off and enjoyed the ride. We sailed through Gabriola Pass and on to our favorite Gulf Island, Wallace Island, where we stern tied in Princess Cove.



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