Thursday, September 10, 2009

Back into U.S., Roche Harbor, Stuart Island

Aug 24... Before we leave Prevost Harbor, we have a hearty pancake breakfast and catch shrimp and nudibranch off the docks with the kids' nets. Today we split up with Cygnet for a day so they can drop off Leslie in Friday Harbor. We sail on to Patos Island.
Aug 23... Future lighthouse keepers.
Aug 23... She still puts up with me.
Aug 23... Salty found a way down the cliff to go for a refreshing swim while the girls did a treasure hunt.
Aug 23... A great panaramic view looking N-NW across the border into the Canadian Gulf Islands.
Aug 23... The girls rest after reaching Turn Point Lighthouse.
Aug 23... Pearl and Cygnet crews near "Lover's Leap". Mark and his cousin Leslie on the right.
Aug 21-22... We clear customs in Roche Harbor and anchor there for 2 nights. The crew of Cygnet joined us to go see "Shakespeare Under the Stars"... "As You Wish", performed by Island Stage Left outdoors on a stage in a forested setting. These guys are the real deal- an incredible performance that we all loved, including the kids and our dog!
Aug 23... We soon tired of the mega-yachts and cadillac dinghies buzzing all around us so Cygnet and Pearl left for Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island. To our surprise, the park dock was open so we both promptly tied up and left on a 6 mile round trip hike to Turn Point Lighthouse. We made our usual stop at the old school house and went through the library and small museum, looked through the self serve treasure chest of t-shirts and hats, and watched Salty do his imitation of a tasmanian devil in the field.



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