Monday, August 31, 2009

Princess Louisa Inlet

The dock near Chatterbox Falls.
Aug 11... Salty and I hike up to the "Trapper's Cabin" in the morning. It took almost an hour and a half to get up the rough, wet, vertical trail. No switch-backs on this trail, just straight up the rocky face of the mountain where tree roots extend themselves out across the smooth surfaces as if intentionally to give a good foothold. The old cabin has deteriorated badly but the waterfall flowing next to it was awe inspiring. Had an incredible view of Princess Louisa Inlet 2500 feet below.
AUG 10... It rained starting at 01:00 am, and all of the falls were totally transformed into raging torrents of pounding water. It was as if God dumped a gigantic bucket of water on the top of the mountains and it found every possible way to make a downward flowing geyser. Totally inspiring.
AUG 9... Chatterbox Falls
Rounding the corner to the head of the bay... Pictures can't do justice to these mile high cliffs and numerous, wonderous waterfalls.
AUG 9... Looking back on Malibu Rapids, entering Princess Louisa Inlet.



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