Thursday, September 10, 2009

Montague and Ganges

Aug 20-21... We decide to pay for a spot at the marina for the night to get a good charge on the batteries, enjoy the pool and hot tub, get rid of some garbage, and let Salty make friends. This swan was very protective of it's two cygnets nearby, and Salty met his match.
Aug 20... Pearl with sails spread wing on wing on wing for the down wind run.
Aug 20... Cygnet, (with Mark, Sam and Leslie) showing us what a 9 foot extentable keel can do for you on a close reach.

Aug 20... We all end up dinghying to the bakery boat for goodies and coffee. While we are there the wind switched direction and pipes up over 15 knots. When we dinghy back to our boats, we notice Mark has thrown out his anchor to keep us from drifting into some other boats. Apparently our anchor lost hold when we spun around and pulled the opposite direction and didn't set properly. Since we were planning to leave that morning anyway, we decide to pull up anchors and sail over to Ganges. In a heartbeat, our anchors were up, we untied from each other, and sails were set.
Aug 19... The crew of Cygnet left us a message in our cockpit (no pen or paper handy). We raft up our boats and mix up some "Mast Climbers".
Aug 18-19... We motor-sailed to Montague and took the old school bus up to the Hummingbird Pub for dinner. The next day we hang out on the white midden shell beaches and upon our return to Pearl, we find that he have visitors.



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