Thursday, September 10, 2009

Patos Island

Aug 25... Bliss
Aug 25... We enjoy another perfect sunset as Sam goes for an evening row.

Aug 25... Orcas swam right past our anchorage this afternoon. Our friends on Cygnet joined us along with "two bouy" Bamboo.
Aug 24... Hot dog and marshmallow night was a big hit. Shortly after this picture was taken, we saw a group of kayakers and a large rowing skiff arrive from Orcas Island. It was an entire family that came out to camp. Most impressively, it was their mother that rowed the dinghy the whole way with most of the supplies on board while everyone else glided along in their sleek kayaks. She was a total stud and a total hoot to visit with. Great people.
Aug 24... Patos is one of our favorite of the San Juan Islands with good beaches, tide pools, hiking, and history. A wonderful semi-non-fiction book called "A Light On The Island" was written by the lighthouse keeper's daughter about their life and adventures on Patos in the early 20th century.
Aug 24... We anchor and stern tie in small Active Cove on Patos.



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