Sunday, October 09, 2011

Santa Barbara and Channel Islands Harbor and Marina Del Rey(September 29-October 8)

We unfortunately had to leave Santa Cruz Island, but luckily our next stop was Santa Barbara. Bob didn't get much time here as he needed to go to work. He had a three day trip so we girls hung out in Santa Barbara in the meantime. While there we did a lot of the necessary jobs like laundry and grocery shopping. Sydney and Annie really enjoyed the plentiful shopping along State St.. It was all fun, but we were more than ready to get to a slower paced location. We had hoped to head back to Santa Cruz Island (North side) and spend a few nights, but due to an incoming storm our plans changed. We ended up ducking into Channel Islands Harbor. Our 14th wedding anniversary fell on our first night at Channel Is. Harbor. We ended up treating ourselves to the most wonderful dinner at the local Brazilian restaurant, Moqueca. We highly recommend it! After that first night, the storm rolled in and with it rain and a strong gale. We were so happy to be sitting snug and safe in a slip at the harbor. Luckily the storm abated and we were able to head south once again. This time to Marina Del Rey. Bob once again had to leave on a trip. Thankfully this is his last one before his 6.5 month leave! Yahoooo!


Blogger s/v neidin said...

Happy Anniversary!! Ruthie and Barry

5:04 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

Hey, when are you going to write about Cruisers Weekend on Oct. 15th and meeting the great Ducharme family, Dan, Donna and kids. We loved meeting you, hope we can meet up out there! We'll email you as well.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Lisa C said...

I am all caught up !!! What great pictures and entries!

I love that you were in mine and Ed's hometown of Monterey. I spent much time in Santa Cruz at the boardwalk and in Capitola!! I'm so glad you enjoyed all those places so much.

Santa Cruz Island sounds like heaven.....

Hope you're loving the freedom I feel when I read the diary, and enjoying one another in this great experience!

Big Hugs and Bigger Blessings,

8:30 PM  

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