Sunday, October 09, 2011

Monterey (September 19-23)

We had a fantastic sail to Monterey. The winds were perfect! We ended up getting a slip there to enable us to provision a little easier. This was another favorite stop for us. The beach next to the marina was perfect. The girls and Salty had a great time playing in the ocean (it was a little too cold for Bob and I!). The sand was so soft. It felt like sifted flour.

Another favorite at this stop was the proximity of Trader Joe's. It was a short walk away so we were able to stock up on our favorite TJ supplies. We adults also took turns renting bikes and checking out the area. The biking trails around here are fantastic.

Of coarse, no stop to Monterey is complete without a trip to the aquarium. We all had a great time there. Definitely one of the best aquariums we've ever been to.

The sea horse exhibition was wonderful. The girls took over the camera and had a blast taking oodles of pictures.
Our unanimous favorite at the aquarium was the bat rays. We all had the chance to feed and or pet the rays. What an amazing experience.

We were docked right next to the Wharf for our stay in Monterey.


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