Sunday, October 09, 2011

Passage south past Pt. Conception (September 23-25)

We departed Monterey Harbor in the afternoon of the 23rd. We started out in fog and little wind, but fortunately a little before midnight we were able to raise the sails. We originally had planned to pull into Morro Bay before going around Pt. Conception, but the conditions were perfect and we were anxious to get south. We were so fortunate to still have our faithful extra crewmember, Marcy, with us, which made this passage so much easier. The girls also helped out with watches. Sydney was on the 9pm till midnight watch with Bob and Annie did the "dawn watch" with Shari and then Bob. We continued on and had an uneventful passage. We were excited to visit the Channel Islands, and it worked perfectly for us to continue on to Santa Cruz Island.
Bob and Sydney on watch. Just joking! They're just resting before their watch.


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