Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 2011 San Juans

After leaving Seattle, we made our way to Port Ludlow where we hooked up with our friends on Ghost. The next morning after a scrumptious breakfast on Ghost, it was time to pack it up and say our goodbyes. We gave one last hug to our awesome friends and headed across the Straights of Juan De Fuca. Annie threw out a message in a bottle while underway (a yearly tradition). When we reached Hein Bank we were graced with the incredible presence of numerous Orcas. They surprised us by swimming right past our boat. What a treat!

Our goal was to arrive in Roche Harbor by 8pm on Saturday to catch the last performance of the summer by Island Stage Left. This year's "Shakespeare Under the Stars" play was "The Winter Tale". The acting was phenomenal, as usual. We came with our blanket, drinks, snacks, and of course, Salty. We love the casual feeling of it all. At one point one of the actor's surprised Salty and he jumped back, spilling wine all over us. It was pretty funny.

We enjoyed the rest of our stay in Roche Harbor relaxing, playing bocce ball, and exploring the sculpture garden.

I thought everyone might enjoy an updated picture of the girls. They are growing so fast!

We left Roche Harbor under cloudy, rainy skies and made our way to Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island.
Luckily the weather improved and we had a wonderful stay at one of our favorite islands.
Bob and I have been enjoying early evening dinghy rides. We are loving our "new to us" outboard. Dinghy exploring has been the best!

No trip to Stuart Island is complete without a hike to the school house (usually we hike all the way to the light house-but we were feeling lazy this time). While at the school, Salty practiced playing basketball. His jump shot sucks.

After Stuart Island, we progressed to Sucia Island.
The sunset was fantastic! Bob was able to enjoy it after diving on the boat to clean the prop and hull.

On this trip, the girls have become expert dinghy operators. If we could just slow them down! Just joking. They are very responsible, compared to some people I know (Bob).


Blogger scty said...

Love love love the updates. Proly check your blog 10 times a day! Um, did i say that outloud?

Miss ya guys!


10:44 PM  
Blogger Lisa C said...

Great pictures!!! What an adventure. You MUST update often so we can all be on your adventure :)

Blessings on you all,

1:33 AM  

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