Friday, August 29, 2008

August 17-24 2008

On the 16th of August, we headed over to Friday Harbor to provision for Canada. Our original plans had us heading north to Desolation Sound, but do to all the things that were happening, we decided to stay in the Gulf Islands of Canada, and not venture too far from the U. S.. We arrived in Bedwell Harbor, South Pender Island on the 17th. Our first night there we had a great thunder and lighting show! We stayed in Bedwell Harbor for 3 nights and enjoyed hiking, the resort swimming pool, and kids camp for a couple of hours at night. While the kids were at their camp we actually got to have a date! Wooohooo! Being the lushes that we are, we checked out the local pub. While there I found a great poem:

Sweet Dreams

When I lay in bed at night
and hear the ocean roar,
it makes me dream of treasures
washed upon the shore.
Will it be a shapely wave
and an early morning ride,
or will it be a big glass ball,
laid there by the tide.
Is it in the golden sky
where clouds reflect the ray,
or in the ocean big and blue
that sparkles thru the day.
Maybe it's the seals
swimming in a rocky hole,
or a whale shooting off it's spout
while passing along the shoal.
You know it is that and more
with words I can not say,
It brings me peace and happiness
that helps me on my way.
-Andy Harney

We left Bedwell Harbor on Aug. 20th and headed for James Bay on Prevost Island. We had a great time here! There were two different beach areas. One was rocky and very shallow. When stepping out of the dinghy and kayak, we found it to be crawling with millions of small crabs! The kids had a great time collecting all sorts of crabs. The other shore was sand, midden, and rock mixed. It was very pretty and the beach combing was wonderful. There is an old orchard there will bunches of apple trees.

The next day we headed over to Ganges to reprovision (had to comsume or throw out all fresh fruits and veggies before entering Canada, and we were dying for some fresh produce!). We really enjoyed the town. Very nice area with neat shops, galleries, and restaurants. I think our most memorable moment there would have to be the floating party gazebo! It was hillarious. It just cruised all over the harbor with a bunch of
women partying it up! What a hoot!

On the 22nd we departed Ganges and sailed a short distance to Montague Harbor. There is a beautiful sand and midden beach just a short hike away. We spent a fair amount of time there. We had Tabor acting like a puppy and jumping in the air to catch sticks and other fun stuff! Sydney, Annie, and Bob did a little swimming (it was too cold for Shari-whimp!). We also enjoyed the floating bakery. It's an old refurbished ferry that a couple has their bakery on. Tastey treats! One of the main highlights at this anchorage was the trip to the Hummingbird Pub. The pub has an old school bus that they use to pick up people from the harbor and take to the pub. The driver was great. We listened to old rock-n-roll songs and he told a bunch of jokes. At the pub, we enjoyed some cold beers and really excellent food. I highly recommend going here to anyone that goes to the harbor.



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