Friday, August 29, 2008

August 11-16 2008

Left Port Townsend on the 11th and had a calm, motoring passage back to the San Juans. We want to thank all of our friends for their help over the weekend. What a fantastic bunch you all are! We were feeling a bit lonely after leaving all our friends, but were ready for some quiet, family time.

Once in the San Juans, we tried to anchor at James Island, but it was too sloping and not enough swing room for our comfort level, so we headed over to Spencer Spit. We all enjoyed playing and relaxing on the sunny beach.

The next day we headed to one of our favorite places, Patos Island. We had a beautiful day there and a goreous sunset in the evening. The next day the winds switched and started blowing uncomfortably into the cove, so we pulled up anchor and headed out. We ended up in our other favorite anchorage, Echo Bay on Sucia Island. We had great weather while there. We enjoyed hiking, beachcombing, a campfire on night, and more dinghy sailing. We stayed there for 3 nights and truly relaxed and got into the cruising state of mind.



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