Saturday, November 07, 2009

October 2009 Halloween Cruise

Isn't there a saying about starting to look like your pet after time?

After we got to Longbranch Marina, the kids took no time to grab their nets and the big bucket and start exploring all the docks and water had to offer! They caught tons of starfish (they really liked the little ones), nudibranch, shrimp, and fish.

Of course, we had to humiliate Salty somehow!

The girls decided to dress up as witches this year. I love it when they choose simple costumes!

What a crazy family! Who's that scruffy dude with the dark hair anyway?

Pearl turned into the "ladies" boat for a couple of hours on Saturday. We had a few pitchers of mast-climbers and loads of laughs!

Our friends Donna and Suzy were in charge of decorations and planning for the Halloween cruise. They made 3 boats into haunted vessels that were absolutely amazing!! The whole weekend was so incredible thanks to their hard work!

After trick-or-treating on the docks, a bunch of kids came to our boat to watch "Monster House".

All the kids carved pumpkins in the afternoon. I was so impressed with how good they all looked!

The morning after Halloween everyone gathered for a big waffle breakfast and then it was clean up time. The kids had a blast running around on the docks with their fake swords.

Bob and Mark hanging before we took off.

It was such a beautiful day on Sunday! There was quite a caravan of boats heading back to Olympia from Longbranch. These are our friends on Andiamo III (Hans Christian 43).

Sydney and Annie had a blast on the way back home. Another fantastic Halloween cruise come and gone. We can't wait till next year!

October 2009 Haulout

We had bunches of blisters to repair. Bob worked his buns off!

We stayed on board most the time while we were on the hard. At first we had Salty sleeping in the car at night, but when it started getting a bit too chilly we decided to haul him aboard (We used the main halyard tied to his life vest to get him up).

On Oct. 5 we pulled Pearl out for bottom maintenance and to start working on her motor mounts.